Surface Processes

  • Surface Processes

Surface Processes

Our electrostatic powder and static wet paint ovens working as conveyors are included in our factories and processes. This ensures that all stages of the process are completed in a single point and accelerates the production speed by preventing the loss of operational time of the products sent out for surface treatments.

Electrostatic Powder Paint: It is a solvent free surface coating method. The coating material is very fine powder coating particles which form the topcoat layer. Powder paint is sprayed with special paint guns in the paint booth.

Static Wet Paint: During the process, the wet paint is fully contacted with the surface and the polymerization is provided by the wet paint oven. Applications are carried out in the wet paint oven, in order to ensure the product obtained to be highly efficient and resistant to abrasion, resistant to corrosion and chemical effects.

High pressure air applied with our sandblasting machines remove unwanted materials such as oil, dirt and rust as micron levels etching at the surface is made. In this way, the surface is prepared for paint processes.

We offer our customers the fastest and perfect service in one place by hosting all these processes in our structure.

More About Our Processes

You can contact us to get detailed information about our processes that make up the majority of our production power and the solutions we can provide for your needs.

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