Yazar: Bahadır Makina

Mission and Vision

Our adventure started in 1990 and has continued to grow until today. The years dedicated to serving you with unlimited product range at every point in contact with metal chased each other. With our structure that does not compromise on quality, customer satisfaction has always been at the forefront and the years we have progressed […]

Bahadır Makina since 1990 

Bahadır Makina started its manufacturing activities in a workshop in Çamdibi region of İzmir in 1990 and took the first step of growth with the second plant  established in Pınarbaşı location. Our factory, which was opened in 1997, has accelerated our development over the years as well as being our first center and enabled us to meet with export. We entered the export market in 2002 and did not content with it. Making decisions about expanding our export market; In 2003, we increased the number of export countries. In 2005, our export volume reached 50% of our production capacity. Until 2019, we progressed by increasing our growth rate, and in 2019, we opened our new headquarter factory in Kemalpaşa, İzmir. Now, we are proud of being more powerful, more dynamic, more innovative and contributing to the national economy with our export volume up to 60%.