Mission and Vision

Our adventure started in 1990 and has continued to grow until today. The years dedicated to serving you with unlimited product range at every point in contact with metal chased each other.

With our structure that does not compromise on quality, customer satisfaction has always been at the forefront and the years we have progressed have further increased our excitement. We have become a leader in the region with our “Zero error in production” policy and with our leading technology in the sector. Bahadır Makine, one of the leading production companies in the country, continues to provide service with its team of engineers offering high quality and innovative solutions. In the light of all these, we will continue to move forward for better every day.

Our export volume reached 60% and continues to grow rapidly. Bahadır Makina, which has not lost its excitement since 1990, continues its technological investments rapidly with the motto of “There must be more”. In 2019, our production volume grew by 2.5 times. With our dynamic structure that we take to the next level, our enthusiastic engineers that we add to our team with each passing day enable us to walk with stronger steps to the future. We continue to grow non-stop with our desire to be a company with high export volume, aiming for development and supporting employment.